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Recent Placement Examples

Domestic Couple - Carmel, CA

Our client with two properties located in the Carmel, CA area sought a couple to live-in at their newly built home. They will do laundry, cooking, light housekeeping and “handyman” type repairs andy will arrange for the vendors/service people to come out and repair as needed. The client travels frequently and does not require the couple to travel with her. Schedule is generally 5 days per week with some flexibility for emergency and/or employer schedule changes. The couple will work directly with the long time House Manager / Chef.

We represented a team for the initial hire on the asssigment who quickly turned out to be a poor fit. It was a surprise to everyone that their performance and personal traits were not compatible with the assignment, but the right path was to move forward with a replacement search. We quickly revisited several possible teams and identified a fantastic couple who went through a short trial period, and then were hired as the permanaent employees.  


Houseman - Bakersfield, CA

We  placed a multi-skilled houseman with our semi-formal client in Bakersfield. This full time position works with the Estate Manager and House Manager to maintain all areas and systems for this lovely home on lush, private grounds. Several long term employees work with this family and they are adding this position to raise the service level.

Main duties include:
·         Outdoor area upkeep (patios, pool area, outdoor kitchen, all hardscape, etc.)
·         Car washing and fueling
·         Window and shutter washing and upkeep
·         Light repairs / touch-up
·         Maintain outdoor furniture, cushions, pillows, rugs
·         Change and maintain filters for all systems on schedule
·         Assist with heavy lifting or projects in the home

We found an exceptional employee who had only worked part time for other high level households, but had several trade level skills including minor plumbing, electrical, and master level painting. He is able to do routine maintenance for our clienta nd save them many outside service calls.

Domestic Couple - Nebraska

Our Top level private client sought a property and hospitality manager for a vacation residence/ranch. We suggested and introduced a couple team with the required skills and more potential than an individual in the role. The fit was perfect for everyone and the couple relocated to run the property more efficiently and provide additional guest services for the enjoyment of owners and guests.  

Estate Manager - Bakersfield, CA
Family client sought a top level Estate Manager to coordinate an existing team of staff and add new positions. The overall goal for the elaborate home and grounds is to have a structured, seamless service team for both interior and exterior duties. The family entertains important guests and is involved with a number of social and charitable groups. The ease of life and smooth operation of all home services contributes to the great work they are doing in the public. Our firm presented and placed an experienced candidate who is building the team and systems for the client's service needs. We have also sourced support staff for the team including a Houseman, Housekeeper, and currently are seeking the perfect Chef to take over all culinary aspects of the home.

Chef - Chicago, IL
Mature couple client, still active in the financial sector, sought a full time chef for daily dinner service, full kitchen management, prepared foods, and some small events on occasion. A number of important dietary considerations must be adhered to while making fresh, flavorful meals, and a pleasant, discreet applicant was needed. We sourced several top, local candidates and offered the client a variety of cooking skills and personalities to successfully fill the role.

Estate & Lifestyle Manager - Austin, TX

 Our client sought a top level Estate Manager to run their lakefront home and take their lifestyle to the next level. The EM will coordinate with current staff, vendors, and additional hires as necessary to run the newly built, high tech home. This is the family's primary residence and some duties and projects will be required for other properties as well. Privacy and discretion and paramount and the service flow will be crucial based on employer's travel and activities. The lifestyle elements of the position include extensive luxury and adventure travel planning, collections, and thoughtful anticipation of purchases and luxury experiences. This part of the job requires a very worldly and savvy coordinator. 

Executive Assistant - C-Level, San Diego, CA

Top level Executive Assistant to CEO of growing public company. This position demands the highest levels of competence and discretion with flexibility in schedule and duties. This role will be the "right hand" to the CEO for all private and public interaction, travel, and lifestyle. Exceptional experience and references are required.

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