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Ranch Manager or Couple - Central Colorado

Status: placed
Job title: Ranch Manager or Couple - Central Colorado

Filled as of October 21, 2017 


Excellent, long term opportunity with unique lifestyle on an amazing property!

Great private family client seeks Ranch Manager or Couple team with responsibility for all ranch operations such as land management, labor force, horses, cattle, structures, homes, equipment, and staff, and, running all hospitality programs for the owners and their guests.

The property is approx. 1200 acres with a 9k sq. ft. main, log cabin style home. There are several other structures including the ranch manager's home, historical lodge, cabins, sheds, and barns. The elevation ranges from 8,500-10,000 ft. with views beyond 100 miles! This is a very remote property offering a quiet lifestyle in natural wildlife surroundings.

The main goal of the position is to make the ranch a successful and highly personalized second home for the owners. This includes extensive preparation of facilities, team, equipment, animals, and food supplies; 24x7 hospitality support to the owners and their guests while they are on-property during the summer visits and occasional visits during the spring, September, and Thanksgiving.

You will care for the home and immediate grounds to be kept in 5-star, guest ready condition, as well as all property features and structures throughout the year. Hands-on maintenance and repairs are required with additional help and vendors managed. Snow removal with a Bobcat, use and maintenance of ranch vehicles and equipment, mending fences, overseeing 2-3 horses, pond and forest management, are all examples. You will also manage the finances and reporting for budget items and expenses. When the owners visit, all of the facilities and property should be stocked and ready to offer a seamless experience at a luxury level.

This position is self-managed, based on the needs of the property and the schedule of owner visits. During full service times a 24/7 mentality is required with a hospitality focus. In the off-season you will coordinate your work according to climate concerns, seasonal projects, vendor availability, and efficient flow of necessary routine maintenance.


We are seeking experienced candidates with strong hands-on skills and the ability to create a high level hospitality experience for the owners and guests.

Lifestyle Notes – VERY IMPORTANT:

This is a hands-on position. A good mechanical aptitude and high level of organization plus follow-up are necessary. This is not an office based management role, though office skills for reporting and organization are required.

Altitude is a major factor – please be certain you are willing and capable of living in this environment. (8,000 – 10,000 ft.)

This remote property does not have mobile phone service. Communication is supported with “land line” service and hand-held radios. Internet is via satellite, and bandwidth / data allowances are limited.

The distance to neighboring towns is significant. Social and cultural opportunities are limited.



Post date: 08/01/2017
Category: Domestic Couple