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About Domestic Placement Network (DPN)

Domestic Placement Network offers discreet, top level placement of private service staff throughout the USA. Our main focus is on Household Management and specialized service positions including:

  • Estate Manager
  • House Manager
  • Majordomo
  • Butler
  • Domestic Couple
  • Chef
  • Personal Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

Other related or combination positions are possible based on the service needs of the employer.

Our clients include high-profile, Forbes-listed individuals and families as well as private, professional households. In every case we exercise discretion, confidentiality, and the highest standards for selecting employment candidates. Please contact us directly for more information: 1-877-206-5262. (Toll Free, USA), or via email at info@dpnonline.com.


More ways to connect:

Domestic Placement Network - Agency site: http://dpnonline.com

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 As part of our commitment to sharing our good fortune, we are proud supporters of Compassion, a global nonprofit dedicated to rescuing children from poverty.